Transformation Plan Checklist

Printable version: [pdf]

  1. Scripture
    1. Memorization
    2. Meditation (when will you do this? For example, while waiting, driving, standing in traffic, showering, etc)
    3. Scripture reading & interaction with the text
  2. Prayer
    1. Request for guidance in developing your plan
    2. Request for help with implementing & maintaining the plan
    3. Turn Colossians 1:9b-14 and/or Ephesians 3:16-19 into a prayer leaving blanks for people’s names. Write it on a card. Where it talks about God in 3rd person, change it to “You.”
    4. Pray for enemies (write a prayer to pray daily)
    5. Pray for the needy around you (maintain a written prayer list)
    6. Thanks and praise (maintain a journal)
  3. Make entries in a Praise Journal and listen to Praise music daily.
  4. Preach the Gospel to yourself daily. What is the Gospel? It is the good news that Jesus, the sinless son of God, sacrificed His life and died in our place to pay the penalty for our sin so that through His shed blood and by God’s grace, we might be forgiven, declared righteous, and reconciled to God as His children through faith alone, in Jesus’ death and resurrection alone, for the praise and glory of God alone.
    1. Remember this daily. Think about (meditate) how your life is affected on a daily basis by this truth. What if Christ had not died for you? What if you had not been chosen by God to receive this salvation? How would your life be different?
    2. Thank God daily for what Christ has done in your life through the Gospel.
    3. When will you do this? Before getting out of bed each morning? While in the shower? Just before you walk out the door in the morning? Just before you fall asleep at night? At meals? By setting an alarm for a certain time each day? Choose a time when you can consistently spend a minute or two focusing on the Gospel truth.
  5. Collateral reading – read a theologically sound book or article relevant to the issue. (For help as you are learning, you may look to recommendations by ACBC or a biblical counselor)
  6. Serving others in a sacrificial way (make a specific plan). This means allowing others to interrupt our own plans in order to serve them. It means going above and beyond your comfort level. It also means blessing enemies.
  7. Specific behavior(s) you plan to put off & specific behavior(s) you plan to put on in their place.
  8. Practice the discipline of saying “no” to self. (Example, if you really love sweets, get into the discipline of saying “no” to yourself periodically – for God’s glory – when sweets are available or when you are tempted. This will help to develop the habit of saying “no” to temptation in other areas as well.)
  9. A commitment to review & implement the plan daily
  10. Share your plan with someone and ask them to hold you accountable.
  11. What Scriptures of hope & encouragement will you turn to when you become discouraged throughout the transformation process?
  12. A plan for evaluating or measuring your progress. Sanctification is not an empirical science but observing behavior change reveals heart change (Fruit is a mirror of the heart or root).