Homework: Fear Of Man

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The term “fear of man” refers to fearing what others think of you. “Shy,” “self-conscious,” or “people pleasing” are other ways that people often speak about the concern for what others are thinking or saying about them. Many people live their lives seeking recognition and/or praise from others. This is “fear of man.” The following study will help you to identify how God wants you to perceive the opinions of others.

  1. Before you begin this study, pause and bow before the throne of God, asking Him to illuminate your eyes, revealing to you wondrous things from His Word (Ps 119:18).
  2. Next, locate and read the following passages, noting the answer to the question: “How does God want me to view the opinions of others?”
  3. Finally answer the question at the bottom of the page.

Jn 12:42-43



Prov 29:25



Matt 23:5-7



Gal 1:10



Col 3:23-24



Lk 12:4-5



Acts 5:29



I Thess 2:4

“What changes do I need to make in the area of fearing what others think of me?”